So, this “running” thing

As I’ve said, I don’t particularly like exercising. Well, I don’t like the act of exercising, but I love the jello feeling after exercising. I also like the longer lasting happiness from exercising. Unfortunately the only way to get this particular rush is to exercise.

That is why I have challenged myself to start running. I will run twice a week and I will do so for at least a month. If I am successful with my challenge, I will add another day of exercise.

Here are my “beginning” photos. I’m not going to post my beginning weight, because I don’t want to focus on my weight. Instead, I will be focusing on how I feel, and how I look. Exercising on a regular basis can lead to boosts in overall happiness and positvity, as well as helps your health.


I have never posted candid pictures of myself like this before, so I’m a little hesitant; however, I want to show you what I’m working with! I want to focus on my stomach and thighs. My main goal is to just tone my muscles and become a healthier individual!

Since I’m taking my own running challenge, I’m challenging you to! I don’t care if you walk, ride a bike, job, whatever. Getting out there is what’s important! Challenge yourself to do something twice a week for one month!  After a month, I’m going to post new photos for comparison.  I will try to also give a weekly update as to my progress.

Now, I’m running about a mile at a time. Going around my block once is about .6 miles. I last ran on Monday, 7/21/14, this time running around once, and then running it again a second time, minus one tenth of a mile. In total, I ran 1.1 miles and walked another .1 mile. Running the mile took about 30 minutes. I’m hoping to shave a couple of minutes of my time by the end of the month.

Let me know about your routine! What do you do? Do you run, swim, skate board? I definitely want to hear it. Going to challenge yourself? YAY! I love buddies! Leave me a comment to tell me about it!




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  1. Today I went walk/run combo for the first time in many weeks. My left knee was sore so I walked for awhile longer and then tried running again. The knee felt much better and I did around two miles. Exercise is harder when you don’t have a partner. Maybe we can be virtual partners.

    1. Absolutely! I’d love to be virtual partners! Funny you should mention your knee hurting, because mine hurts where I broke it occasionally. I’ve been running with my brace on, which has helped tremendously! I’m so proud of you for getting out there! Already you outran me by a mile. 🙂 I’m going to try running again tomorrow around 7pm. Wanna try it then?

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